Sunday School

Youth Sunday School

Every Sunday, our teens gather for fellowship and Bible study.   Starting at 9:00 a.m., teens of all ages are welcome to join their friends and peers for breakfast and hangout time before we get into our lesson for the day.   Once 9:15 rolls around, we break into age- specific groups for a large group lesson: 6th Grade students move to Quest (click here for more info), 7th and 8th Grade students stay together, and 9th-12th Grade students separate for age-specific discussions around a common topic.


In Sunday School, we work to create a place where young men and women can come and study the Bible with freedom of expression and varied learning styles.  Each large group discussion is led by caring adults who have a passion to see our students grow into adults with a passion for what God would have for their lives.  After their large group lessons, students break into smaller groups by age and gender for even deeper relationship building and lesson discussion.  This is a time our students cherish, and our adult leaders do a fantastic job of dedicating themselves.

Youth SS 1

And the best part about all of this for parents?  YOU are kept in the loop with regards to everything that goes on!  Parents are always notified at the start of a new lesson and given materials to let them know just what their students will be talking about and how they can continue the conversation at home.  Our goal is to guide your students in discipleship alongside the work you are already doing at home.  If there is ever an opportunity that we can take advantage of to help you disciple your student, don’t hesitate to let us know.  We hope to see your student among our many young disciples one Sunday very soon!