Sunday School

Men’s Sunday School Classes

Ages 45-60
The Volunteer Class uses the Life & Work study for their Bible study, which is highly participative.   We encourage fellowship and provide a place for men to study the Bible.

Ages 55+
This class has a combination of teaching and open discussion using Explore The Bible and John MacArthur’s commentary.  Our goal is to build up the body of Christ by imparting spiritual life to believers through God’s word for God’s purposes.

Ages 65 – Heaven
The class uses the Exploring the Bible series for Bible study.  The weekly studies are primarily lecture with group discussion.  We support the Fountain City Ministry Center, Camp BaYoCa, the ToyStoren and we other ministry needs during the year.  We have fellowship meetings each quarter and are very active in ministering to each other’s needs. We welcome any man interested in studying God’s Word.