Maybe you are looking to get involved with a smaller group of people who are similar in age, or who are studying a topic you are interested in. If that’s the case, this page is for you! Take a look at the groups listed below to see which one may be of interest to you, and then Contact Us so that we can get you in touch with the group leader.

Community (24-70+)

Our class ranges from 22 – 72, men and women, and centers around Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and ministry outreach. We strive to meet emotional, spiritual, and/or financial needs of individuals and families placed in our path. Teaching methods include discussion on books of the Bible, characters in the Bible, and the meaning of words in the Bible.

Led by: Community (24-70+) For Ages: 21+ Meets: Every Sunday from 9:15am-10:15am
Childcare Available? Yes Topic: Group Type: Study Group
Location: - Central Baptist Church Status: Open

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