The five links you see below represent the major “In-Roads” to life at Central Baptist Church. Each of these represents one of the major ways to get involved in our church. Click on each to get more information on which might be the best way for you to make a first visit!

Sunday worship

Currently, our Sunday in-person services have been disbanded in light of rising COVID-19 numbers. In the mean time, we encourage you to head to our “Watch” page for online worship! But if you’d like to get prepared for what to expect when in-person services return, click to learn more.

wednesday night

During the COVID-19 period, Wednesday Night activities as usual are currently disbanded. Please check back here once the school year starts for an update.

What we call “Wednesday Night LIFE” is our full lineup of activities and studies available for all ages. Click below to see what is offered and to see a full schedule of events.


On this page, you will find every Bible or Book study that is available for you to participate in throughout the week—including Sunday options.


Here you will find a collection of the different ministry/service efforts that our church members work towards in the community. Click here to get involved in this way.