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Begin on Sunday, May 4!! As many of you have found out, the process is going to be a bit different. Our own photographers will be handling photos completely in house and we have volunteers to coordinate the locations. One important detail is that there are NO SIGNUPS. You will simply show up at one of the designated times and locations to have your picture taken. Our crew will get you through very quickly, but if for some reason the site you end up at is very crowded, our volunteers will walkie-talkie the other sites to find you the shortest line. We promise to be good stewards of your time to the best of our ability. Here are the details you need to know:

– Photos will happen on Sundays and Wednesdays all through the month of May. Times on Sundays will be 9-10:15am, 11:30-1pm, and 3-5pm (except on Mother’s Day, May 11–we will not do photos during the 3-5pm slot). Times on Wednesdays will be from 5-8pm.

– There are THREE different locations to have your photos taken during every time slot. These locations are the Berean Room, the office outside of the Sanctuary (across from the Welcome Station), and the room (room G) on the lower level of the Family Life Center (near the Fireside Room).   Again, if one is very crowded, our volunteers will check the other two to make find you the shortest line. If your family is relatively large (6 or more), or if you want to have an extended family photo done after your individual photos, please go to the Berean Room for your picture to be taken.

– Please, DO NOT wear green! Our photographers are using green screen backdrops to add fun backgrounds later, so if you wear green, your clothing will be swept away with the background, and the background will appear on your body instead of what you wore that day! Please plan your family dressing scheme accordingly!

– Please feel free to be yourselves! We want this directory to be a fun project for those who are putting it together, and we want it to be a fun experience for you to leaf through in the future as well! So take shots in a couple of different poses and let our excellent photographers choose which one works best.

– After we have edited photos and prepared the directory, you will have the opportunity to purchase your photo if you’d like. We will only charge you for the cost of materials to print on, and ask for a donation to the Fountain City Ministry Center along with it (you can choose how much). It’s a meaningful photo for you and a great way to support one of our own ministry efforts here in Fountain City!

– In September/October, we will give you details on how to download the directory app for your phones and tablets, and will let you know how to request a paper copy if you’d like one.

– If you have any other questions, please feel free to call Josh at the office, or send him an email at