We ask each church member to prayerfully consider, and then nominate candidates to be considered for ordination as deacons. The CBCFC Handbook for Deacons describes the qualifications for deacons as follows

Scriptural Qualifications of a Deacon
Matthew 23:11; Acts 6:1-6; 1 Timothy 3:8-13

The focal point of all scriptures related to deacons is one’s reputation among believers and non-believers, which is measured by character and maturity.  Central Baptist Church seeks and ordains men and women who fulfill such requirements within the limits of humanity and under the grace of God as known through faith in Jesus Christ.  We, therefore, seek women and men who demonstrate:

•    Consistent wisdom and faith born in relationship with the Holy Spirit
•    Personal dedication to the church
•    Reverence and commitment in spiritual matters
•    A sense of Christian purpose in the ordering of their lives
•    An earned respect within the church
•    A right attitude toward material possessions, coupled with a commitment not to exploit others for gain or profit
•    Responsible control of the tongue (speech)
•    Temperance in all things
•    A servant’s heart in all they do
•    Trustworthiness in all relationships
•    A proven commitment to deacon-like service, so that they have already been tested and found true

What are we asking you to do?  First, reflect and pray about the matter. Then go here and list the names of up to ten persons you would like to be considered as candidates by the Deacon Examining Council.

The deadline for submitting nominations is March 23.

Thank you for taking part in the selection of new deacons for Central Baptist Church.

(Deacon Nomination cards are also available at the church).