Sunday School

Coed Sunday School Classes

(Young marrieds) – Ages 18-35
This group is designed to address the needs of younger married couples through interactive Bible study and discussion. Application of biblical truths is stressed.

Ages 30-40

Our group has mostly couples in their 30s or 40s with children from birth up to teenage years.  We are a discussion-based group, so we like to talk about many different topics such as books of the Bible, culture, marriage, etc.  We have a relaxing atmosphere and invite you to ‘come as you are’.  We also have a men’s & women’s small group that meets through the week. We enjoy fellowship together and have several family events throughout the year.

Age 30s-40s

We uses various resources for study of Scripture.

Ages 30 and 40+

The Forever class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. in the FLC Fireside Room.  Forever is a group of thirty- to fifty-somethings with both singles and married couples.  We tie Bible-based studies into everyday life with lots of open discussion.   Our three goals for this year are to study the books of Mark and Luke in depth; continue to challenge and deepen our thinking on theology and world view issues; and to actively grow in our relationships with Christ and become more genuine with each other.  This openness with each other is one of the most important things we do as we share our victories and concerns each week.  Our time of sharing increases our trust in each other and allows us to be “real.” Everyone is welcome to join us.

Ages 40-50
The Kandt class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. Our group is mostly composed of 40 somethings, married, with children from middle school through college and beyond, but all are welcome.  This year, our primary curriculum is “Bible Studies for Life,” which applies scripture to everyday challenges.  We have also been known to go off curriculum and read through a book, such as Pastor Mike’s book Mount and Mountain, or Crucial Conversations, a book on how to talk about difficult subjects.  The class is taught by one of three members of the class, each of whom encourages class discussion.  Our class gets together socially a couple of times a year for fellowship, sometimes to discuss a book we have all decided to read.  We meet in the church parlor, directly underneath the church offices.   We hope to see you on Sunday.

Median-aged Adults
Bridge Builders
We love the Lord and want to serve Him and others better!  Our teaching facilitators welcome open discussion and use Lifeway and other sources in addition to the Bible.  Our class serves in many hands-on ministries, such as Mission of Hope, Family Promise, Inasmuch United Knoxville, FallFest, and the Easter Egg Hunt.  We have bimonthly socials to enjoy good times together!  We are a community for each other in times of joy or crisis.

Ages 45+
Philippians provides the purpose for this group, “ … be humble and consider others more important than yourselves.  Care about them as you care about yourself…”  Study and discussion involves the Smyth & Helwys curriculum.  We help the ToyStore, Fonde, KY, the Fountain City Ministry Center, and provide snacks for hospital waiting rooms and gifts for families at Christmas.  We also distribute a weekly newsletter.

Ages 24-70(+)

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the Conference Room.  Our class ranges from 22 – 72, men and women, and centers around Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and ministry outreach.  We strive to meet emotional, spiritual, and/or financial needs of individuals and families placed in our path.  Teaching methods include discussion on books of the Bible, characters in the Bible, and the meaning of words in the Bible.  Church literature, various versions of the Bible, book reviews, DVD studies are included in our studies.  Class members also suggest topics of interest they would like to study.  Join us!

Ages 40 to 75
Discovery Class
We use a lecture/discussion format.  We do not use any curriculum per se, but rather study various topics from a Biblical perspective and have done an in-depth study of the life of David (primarily I and II Samuel).  Our teacher or members will make suggestions for our next topic and the class decides what to study.  We also try to mix current events into our lessons.

All ages
This group is designed for new or prospective members of the church.  The materials/issues studied vary, with the class selecting what appeals to them.  We welcome people who may not yet have developed skills in Bible study and are looking for a small group.

Ages 50-85
Calvin Metcalf

The Calvin Metcalf Class is composed of senior adults – men and women (taught by Doris June Large).  We use the Explore the Bible curriculum and prefer the lecture method with some discussion.  We regularly support the Fountain City Ministry Center, the CBC car fund, the Knox County Christian Women’s Job Corps, and other ministries as we have the opportunity.  We meet Sundays at 9:15 a.m. in the back of the Sanctuary and several times yearly for food, fun and fellowship.

Couples class of mostly 60-year-olds
Soul Mates

The Soul Mates Sunday School Class is a 60 / 70 something couples class. We meet each Sunday at 9:15 on the third floor of the Lynnwood Building – first door on the right after you leave the elevator.  We use the LifeWay Bible Studies for Life literature and the lecture/discussion teaching method with heavy emphasis on scripture. We study God’s Word in a very relaxed atmosphere….there might even be a joke or two.

Retired Adults
We use the Lifeway Life Ventures – Bible Studies for Life for retired adults.  We have three teachers who use lecture and discussion.  Our mission opportunities include the CBC Building Fund, the Fountain City Ministry Center, the Children’s Hospital Meal Fund, and other needs including mission trips and ministries in the community.

Men and Women 70 and Above
We are group of caring people who love the Lord and promote praising the Lord.