Children's Ministry

Children’s Worship

Central Baptist Church of Fountain City believes that having children in worship is important to the entire church’s spiritual formation.

Participating with adults in worship helps children develop a sense of belonging to a community and helps them develop their identity with the people of God as a person of God.

Children in worship encourage us to examine how we engage in worship, our faith, and with each other.

They remind us that there isn’t a right way or one way to worship and to be open to the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit.

They remind us that God is present in the messy-ness of our lives, giving us opportunity to reexamine the sacred and holy.

They provide us lots of opportunities to exercise patience, grace, and love.

Carts are available with supplies to help your children engage their minds while they worship.

Infant and Preschool Children Care

Our infant and preschool children remain in Preschool Worship while parents attend our Classic and Catalyst worship services.  Here, well-trained and qualified volunteers lead active devotion, play, and some creative art time for each age group. Workers, view the schedule here.  To volunteer, contact Mary.