2018-2019 Scholarship application is due back to the church office by April 15th

Of all the ministries a church undertakes, College/Young Adult Ministry is possibly the most diverse and unique from place to place. At Central Baptist, we have a passion for this age group and seek to see them become true, lifelong disciples of Christ. And to make that happen, we focus on many different elements of a life of faith.



Our young adults gather for social events pretty regularly to spend time with one another, build relationships, and simply enjoy each other’s company. If you’d like to plug into our group in this way, contact our College Pastor, or simply drop by on a Sunday morning at 10:30am to sit worship with the group—odds are you will get invited out for lunch afterwards!

Bible Study

College 2

Early adulthood is a time of questioning and discovery. It’s a time to embrace faith honestly and make it your own. It’s a time to really decide what you believe and allow it to transform you into the disciple God has made you to be. Instead of shying away from the tough questions, we embrace them together. In fact, our College Pastor will tell you that one of his primary ministries is to teach you how to ask good questions and learn places to find the answers. So come with your questions, and we’ll embrace them together!


College 3

“…I suggest that ministry to college-age people needs to focus on being a bridge for helping people find relational connection to the life of our churches. The role of college ministry is to move people from relational connections in student life to having relational connections in the adult life of our churches.” –Chuck Bomar

Our greatest effort in College/Young Adult Ministry is helping young adults learn how to become people who are disciples of Christ in the church and in the world around them. We want them to find their place as disciples and find the avenues that they can serve Jesus in our church body. College students serve as leaders to our students, they serve on planning teams and committees, and they work alongside adults in the church. Instead of isolating them and letting them solely be defined by “the college experience,” we want their college experience to be one that prepares them for the rest of their lives in Christ. So if you’re a college student or young adult, come find your place in our church life and find how it is that Jesus wants to use you in the world!